Don't Be Afraid of Spices. Learn About Them!


Get On The Spice Flavor-Train

If you're ready to tsjuz up your dishes, think outside the box on your flavors. Here's a fun way to learn about new spices:

Go to the store and purchase 10 spices, then follow the 4 steps below for each spice:

  1. Smell the spice and make note of what you sense.
  2. Put the spice on the front of your tongue. Does it remind you of sweet or savory or both? (Cinnamon often reminds people of both which is why it is used in chilis, rubs, pies and cookies)
  3. Try it on different items:
    • Sprinkle it on a green apple. This will help you understand how the spice interacts with natural sugar & acids.
    • Try it on toast. This will give you a taste of the spice in its boldest form.
    • Taste it with a little butter. Tasting it with butter will show you how it interacts with dairy, warm notes, and how the spice breaks down.
  4. Make note of your findings for each spice and refer to them for later use.

Repeat these steps with each spice.It's a great way to learn about and then incorporate spices that may be unfamiliar to you. And don’t be afraid to try something "daring" - you can always rinse out your mouth!

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