Five Tricks That Will Make You a Better Baker


The tricks of the trade are what separates success from utter failure in baking.  The difference between being an extraordinary baker or an average baker can literally come down to 1 ounce. 1 ounce over or 1 ounce under any ingredient a recipe calls for can spell disaster.

Here are five of my favorite tricks to make sure your baking comes out beautifully.

1. Pre-measure everything. Too many people try to measure as they go along. Life will distract you and distractions are sure to create mistakes.

2. Line up your pre-measured ingredients in the order of incorporation. Put the first ingredient closest to you and the mixing bowl. Continue down the line add each ingredient in order according the recipe.

3. Buy an external thermometer to check/confirm your oven’s temperature. I trust an oven’s thermometer about as far as I can throw it. One oven’s 400o is not another oven’s 400o. They are the devil and will rear their ugly head each and every time.

4. Use the highest quality ingredients. When you use premium products your end baking product simply comes out better.   This is a universal law that cannot be broken.  Ever. This is where it's OK to be a bit of a ingredient snob.

5. Never bake in a bad mood. Baking is an art of love.

Remember and practice these five things and your baking will come out the way you want and perhaps even surprise you!

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