My Winning Croquembouche


In Episode 6 of the FOOD NETWORK's Holiday Baking Championship, we had to make croquembouche which is a decorative dessert consisting of cream puff pastry and crystallized fruit or other confectionery items arranged in a cone and held together by a caramel sauce.

I finally won! It was a banana pants crazy challenge and I couldn't be more happy that the judges selected my Prickly Pear Croquembouche as the winner. Lots of love to the judges, big heart to the FOOD NETWORK and I'm so very grateful for all my #TeamMave & @ChefMaeve supporters.

Get a copy of my winning croquembouche recipe from last night's episode of FOOD NETWORK's Holiday Baking Championship at: Chef Maeve Quince and Prickly Pear Croquembouche