Food Network's Holiday Baking Championship


Being selected for the Food Network's Holiday Baking Championship is incredible. It's a bakers dream come true.

So, people have been asking me how it happen. Well here's the story of how a girl from the Nati, (a/k/a Cincinnati) found her way to the biggest baking competition of the year.

It started abut a year ago. I was on the Fox 5 television station in San Diego doing a segment on how to make your holiday baking better. I was talking about how to take things you may already be doing to the next level and a talent scout for FN saw the segment. I guess my quirkiness seemed appealing because right after the show I received a call from her asking me to travel to Los Angeles and try out for a show.  From there they extended me an opportunity to compete on their annual Holiday Baking Championship.

You never know when good things will happen. You just have to keep the faith and keep doing your thing. Passion and authenticity will pave the road for what is meant to be. This is my meant to be.