Dark Horse Coffee Roasters

Proudly serving dark horse coffee roasters

Adding a unique element to our gourmet coffee bar, we use the best beans from San Diego's finest coffee house and roaster: Dark Horse. Brothers Bryan and Daniel travel the world annually in search of the highest-quality coffee beans, while also establishing direct trade relationships with communities and farms. Paired with our housemade syrups and the talents of our professional barista, expect absolutely perfection.


Plus, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters!

Dear coffee lovers! Come try Bird Rock's cold brew and nitro cold brew on tap at Sugar and Scribe. Bird Rock is an indispensable La Jolla staple. They show immense care for their craft, from sourcing coffee beans to serving our neighboring communities. We're proud to serve their cold brew, and even more excited to share the deliciousness with you!


Proudly serving Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

Meet our incredibly talented baristas!

Barista James Moriarty

James Moriarty

Born in Connecticut, Raised in Virginia, Settled in San Diego.

Since moving to San Diego in 2013 and beginning my journey as a barista - I found my true passion. I love researching the origin of beans, learning roasting methods, experimenting brewing options and texturing milk to create art in a cup. My coffee is not just a drink, it’s an experience. 

Follow my journey - @barista1120