Chef Maeve Rochford

“cooking is my soul's desire; eating is my heart’s calling”

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 Meet Chef Maeve

Meet Chef Maeve

Owner and Executive Chef

Laughter, butter and passion meets Navy Seals Hell Week... that's my life! It’s so important to have passion and creativity, but there has to be one vision that a team focuses on delivering everyday, without fail. Each morning starts with coffee, a good joke and a very long list that has to be accomplished with complete perfection by 10 a.m. Doing everything from scratch is critical for my vision, and being consistent can be a challenge. That’s why my staff is amazing. As a team, we can accomplish painting the world with frosting.


Celebrity Appearances & Accomplishments


Holiday Baking Champion

Chef Maeve dominated Food Network's Holiday Baking Championship. Click below to learn about her experience and check out the episodes and future air times on The Food Network.


Beat Bobby Flay

Chef Maeve goes head-to-head to earn her chance to compete with the one and only Bobby Flay. Be on the lookout for future airings or click below to watch now!


kids baking championship

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Chef Maeve Cookware Collection

Available exclusively at Home Goods and TJ Maxx


Chef Maeve's YouTube Channel

There's always something cooking in Chef Maeve's kitchen. Follow along and learn how to recreate some of her favorite recipes! 


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